Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life's a beach

We haven't really had the opportunity to take a proper extended vacation this summer, but with the realization that Andrew's about to head back to work looming in our heads, we decided to pack up and head to the beach for a couple of days. Beach umbrella, folding chairs, baby beach tent, books, ice chests, outdoor blanket, and sand toys in hand, we made our way to Orange Beach, AL for what turned out to be a really nice and relaxing time.

It was Lucy's first time to experience sand and the ocean. She took to the scene with a good dose of curiosity (notice the "tasting the sand" picture above) that soon led to a whole new level of enthusiasm for playing outside. The weather was beautiful (temperature managed to stay below 90 degrees), the water was deliciously cold, and the waves were perfect. Lucy loved riding the waves in her baby float, looking for shells (which she also put in her mouth) along the water's edge, and digging in the sand with the shovel. I think we have a beach baby in the making!

My favorite part of the trip? My sweet husband took Lucy inside for her nap and left me all alone in my beach chair under the umbrella while listening to the surf to read and take a nap UNINTERRUPTED FOR 2.5 HOURS. Pure bliss... I wish we'd had a longer stay for the chance to truly unwind, but I think I might have finally convinced Andrew that the beach really isn't completely terrible so hopefully we'll do it again next year.


Laura, Todd, Mary Todd and Miller said...

What fun! I'm so glad you got to get away! Yes, the summer is creeping to a close. Enjoy the last few days with Daddy at home, Lucy!!

The Walls said...

Looks like fun. Maybe we can plan a Walls/Powers family vacation together one year at the beach. We're heading to the beach next week ... I've neever taken a baby to the beach .. any advice?
I hope I can persuade Chris into taking the kids one afternoon ... I need some alone time, too.

Lesley Lynn said...

Good for you!!! I'm glad you got some beach time this summer! It looks and sounds like y'all had a really nice time!