Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's Independence Day

After spending several days in Tyler, TX with the extended Owen clan, we were grateful to have some quiet time alone to relax on the 4th of July in Shreveport. We had a yummy late lunch at Superior Grill and then headed out to the Glen to surprise Pop with a visit.

Lucy had a great time showing off her superior crawling skills by getting into all of Pop's stuff and blowing kisses to the "baby" in his hallway mirror!

Then we headed over to the Kings Highway "duck park" for Lucy's first duck feeding experience. All went well as long as Andrew (notice the clean shaven face, people!) threw the bread into the water at a safe distance...

But then we managed to attract a web-footed friend who got a little too close and quacked a little too loud for her liking.

Lucy decided she was done with those stupid ducks!

But it was nothing that a quick push on the swings couldn't cure. :)

We thought about catching the downtown fireworks, but were just too tired, so we setlled for an Icee (Ben's snowcone stand was closed) and some Johnny's pizza and called it a day. Happy 4th!

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