Monday, July 6, 2009

Honey's helper

We got to break up our trip back home by stopping in at Honey's cute house in Natchitoches for a deliciously southern Sunday lunch. While Honey prepared meat pies and crawfish pies (yum!), fresh corn, tomatoes, and fried okra, Lucy made herself at home chasing the dogs around and getting into everything in sight -- like this feather duster! Once she found it, she sat on the wood floors and just started swishing it around without any of us showing her what it was for or how to use it. She's a smarty pants, that one (or... at the very least, she has a bright future in cleaning other people's homes ahead of her!). She scooted all around the living room floor with it; I'm assuming she was so fascinated because of the pretty rainbow colors, but hey -- whatever keeps a baby happy and occupied, right?

Now if I can just teach her to run the vacuum cleaner and push a broom in our house...

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the mama said...

so precious!!! Wilkes loves to clean, can come in very handy!