Monday, November 26, 2007

We give thanks

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration that seemed to go on and on and on... After some arguing over me finishing a paper for class so we could get out of town and a very long car trip due to an interstate closure, we finally arrived in the arctic north (aka Shreveport) for a weekend of food and festivities. We spent Thanksgiving Day in two places -- we started with lunch in Arcadia, LA with Andrew stepmother Linda's family at the always charming Mr. Gordy Dance's house. We were able to break bread with Andrew's stepbrother and sister and his grandfather, Pop, and enjoyed some good fried turkey, incredibly crisp and cool weather, and some amazing pecan pie. That evening, we had (more) dessert and coffee with my mother-in-law Susan and my mom and stepfather while our dogs played and decided to be friends.

Friday we headed to Tyler, TX (including a stop at the DQ since there are none in Baton Rouge) to see my grandparents and my aunt, and listened in agony to LSU's defeat on the radio during our drive back. I guess it was better that we didn't have to actually see the Tigers throwing their national championship hopes away. In Tiger Stadium. Against an unranked team. Sigh.

We celebrated a friend of Andrew's birthday that evening with good conversation and my most favorite culinary treat in the Port city, Johnny's pizza. It was a long and tiring journey, but we were able to catch up with so many beloved friends and family members, and for that I give thanks.

P.S. The picture is of three generations of incorrigible Powers men -- Andrew, his dad Charlie, and his grandfather Walter (Pop).

Monday, November 19, 2007

In the dog house

Andrew recently spent a Saturday afternoon building a dog house for our beloved Evie. And not only did he do this project completely by hand without any sort of blueprint or instructions, but he completed the entire thing in a matter of hours. The finished product has a slanted roof with with real shingles, siding, and a warm bed for Evie to snuggle up in. She loves it (see picture)! Of course, it will probably only make the laziest dog in the world even more lethargic, but who can argue with having a charming room of one's own to call home? I have been so impressed with everything my "Handy Andy" has tackled since we moved into our new house a few months ago, and his latest project deserves even more praise...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Three Rivers Arts Festival

Andrew & I went to Covington this weekend to check out the 11th annual Three Rivers Arts Festival. Being from Shreveport, of course it reminded me of the Red River Revel arts festival and made me a little homesick for some muffaletta pizza and turkey legs. Covington is a beautiful little south Louisiana town located in the Northshore area of Lake Ponchartrain. It's downtown area is very charming and traditional and the weather was just phenomenal. We saw blocks and blocks of works by talented local artists and got to catch a musical performance by two of Andrew's jazz guitar heroes, his former guitar instructor at Southeastern, Hank Mackie, and Jimmy Foster, renowned maker of fine handmade guitars (including the coveted 7-string version that Andrew adores). Kudos to my husband for suggesting such a fun Sunday outing -- fall doesn't last long down here so you really have to savor it while you can.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Cardiac Cats

This is the new nickname given to the LSU Tigers (aka the "Bayou Bengals") by my friends Noelle & Nik who came over to watch the much anticipated LSU/Alabama game on Saturday -- or as it was better known, the "Les Miles vs. Nick Saban showdown." Andrew cooked us all up a pot of amazing seafood gumbo to help ease our anticipation. As is their usual mode of operation this season, our beloved Tigers took their sweet ass time pulling out a victory in the very last minutes of the fourth quarter (final score: 41-34). Watching Tiger football can indeed give you a coronary, which is why everyone at the party was loving the name "Cardiac Cats". The Tigers' away game victory earned them bragging rights over former coach Saban and put them back into the #2 slot in the BCS & AP polls. Here's hoping the Tigers can take it all the way!!!