Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who's bad?

Other than saying "no!", throwing sippy cups onto the floor, fighting with me to stand up in the bathtub, and constantly taking the bows/barrettes out of her crazy hair (see evidence above), Lucy's absolute favorite new thing to do is to slowly and methodically extract every single last tissue from the Kleenex box. I've tried to place them strategically out of reach, but I swear she can sniff them out somehow! And when you come in and bust her in the act, she'll laugh and spread them all around like she's cleaning the floor.

(Speaking of floors... doesn't our bedroom floor look nice? This was another of Handy Andy's summer projects. Now we just have to find a rug to go with the new wall color and curtains so we can set the bed frame/headboard back up. It never ends...).

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some people claim that there's a woman to blame

Long before Andrew and I became engaged and married, I lived with someone else entirely different. Someone much more style-conscious, booty-shaking, cat-loving, and Halloween costume-wearing than my current roommate could ever dream of being. That someone was the fabulous Jill Hrivnak. Jill and I met the very first day of my ill-fated law school career, and we were attached at the hip very soon thereafter. We lived together about 4+ years and got to know pretty much every thing about each other in that time, simultaneously crying and laughing our asses off in the process!

Jill was a bridesmaid in our wedding several years ago and come this December 12th, it will be my turn to repay the favor. :) I met up with Jill for lunch almost two years to tell her that I was pregnant, and she had some important news for me, too. She'd met someone -- Jeff was sweet, smart, hilarious, etc. and oh, did she mention he was shorter than her (one of her long-standing relationship deal breakers)? Without missing a beat, I informed Jill that I had never heard her speak about a boy that way before and that I absolutely knew she was going to marry this man. And here we are...

We made our way down to New Orleans in the sweltering August heat to celebrate the happy couple with a fun shower at Margaritaville in the French Quarter. Jeff is a super fun guy to be around and he worships the ground Jill walks on -- always a bonus! I'm completely honored to be a part of such a happy time in their lives.

The future Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Waltz

Interpretation of the invitation's request for "tropical chic" attire by the Rezniks

Searching for my lost shaker of salt (You can't really tell in the picture, but I did have my hair straightened for the occasion)

Amy & Jessi test out the whole "Life is just a tire swing" Buffett philosophy

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ain't misbehavin'

I finally caught Lucy's new favorite word on tape after I caught her throwing all the Cheerios off her high chair tray to the floor for Evie and told her, "no!". She looked at me and smiled and then started into her latest comedy routine. What a turkey...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sunset cruise

I know you've all been waiting with baited breath, so here they are... more pictures from our recent weekend at Toledo Bend!

Pop Pop psyching Lucy up for her first boat ride!

The result of Lucy and Boogie's "day at the beauty shop" playdate.

Getting loaded into the boat with Daddy. Yes, this life jacket looked crazy (and gave Lucy the appearance of a dog with one of those plastic cones around its head), but... it was the only Coast Guard-approved one we could find for babies. We'll just call it outdoor chic.

Ready to go!

She was a little scared at the sound of the motor at first, but Lucy soon settled into Daddy's arms and started to enjoy the scenery.

Boogie strikes a pose

Hand-off to Mommy in the back of the boat. Lucy really enjoyed watching for the birds flying over the lake -- she'd point them out and exclaim, "dog!".

We had a wonderful, relaxing boat ride (even thought it was around 97 degrees outside) and are already looking forward to doing it again next year. Andrew's completely convinced Lucy will be ready to fish next summer, and yes -- she does already have a fishing pole. It's black with hot pink glitter and is called the "Lady Angler." Pop Pop picked up it from Bass Pro for one of my baby showers last year. It was a big hit. :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Good times around the Bend

Andrew's caught the fishing bug hard as his last days of freedom draw to a close, so he organized a trip for us and Boogie & Pop Pop to Toledo Bend a few weekends ago. We rented a vacation home on the Texas side of the lake and bunkered down for a few days -- we had no TV or cell reception, but we did have a cute toddler, cold beer, and a fierce game of Phase 10 to keep us busy!

Andrew went down to the edge of the dock to throw a line in the water the second we got there.

Lucy watched Daddy while clinging to me for dear life.

Sunset on the lake.

Boogie & Lucy get ready for a bath.

Pookie got to stay up way past our regular bedtime to show off all her new stacking and sorting skills to the grandparents.

More pictures coming soon...