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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Manic Monday: 'Getting Caught Up on the Blog' Edition

It's been a while since written a post, but I've felt like I'm going to collapse into an exhausted heap at the end of most days lately. So... sleep has won out over blogging! In edition to starting our own business (another post on that later), we've been busy getting reacquainted with our hometown while spending time with the girls on the weekends. Here's a rundown of some of our latest adventures:

1. Ballet. I took Lucy to see the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet's performance of Cinderella, her first time at the "big girl ballet." I had to laugh a few minutes into the first act when she asked, "Mommy, why does Cinderelly not say any words?" She started squirming a few minutes from the end of the performance, but otherwise it was a really special mommy-daughter date.

2.  ArtBreak. Andrew's guitar students were performing, so we took the opportunity to go downtown and watch them play and then got our craft on!

Decorating feathers to place on the paper maiche pelican

3. Fountains. I promised the girls on a recent Friday evening that we could head to the splash pad at 'Purple Park' (AC Steere) the next morning. We put on our swim suits and sunscreen and hopped in the wagon, only to discover that it was off that day. So we headed down to the fountains off of Clyde Fant Parkway to play. We had a great time exploring the gardens around the Barnwell Center and the riverfront.

One of my new favorite pictures. These sisters love each other so much!

4. Sci-Port. I have no idea why it took us almost a year to pay a visit to this area's best museum for children, but we are so glad we did and now plan to get the girls a family membership for their birthdays. Lucy enjoyed pretending to be a pilot of the riverboat on the main floor, Hannah was obsessed with the water table, and they both loved playing in the construction zone. We're looking forward to escaping the heat here in the coming months!

We still have many other places on our list to visit soon, so stay tuned!