Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: 'Sweet eyes' edition

My first baby

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Lady of Perpetual Motion

I've probably said it a million times since my firstborn's birth, "If I could bottle her energy...". This child DOES NOT SLOW DOWN. Ever. It took her 15 months to start walking, but once she did, she's been in a full sprint ever since. Lucy literally runs everywhere -- from room to room in the house, in circles in the yard, playing red light/green light down the sidewalk, through the halls of church... And when she gets where she's going, she flashes an enormous smile and starts talking so quickly about whatever's churning in her brain that you can barely understand her. I couldn't love that beautiful heart-shaped face with the gap-toothed grin and sparkling eyes any more if I tried.

Lucy talks all.of.the.time. She rarely employs her "inside voice", regardless of the social situation. She is stubborn and spends a lot of time in time out for choosing not to listen the first time. But, she is ever so funny and really smart and creative and sweet to Sister. The best way to describe her energy comes from one of my favorite children's books, "Olivia". While tucking Olivia in at night, her mom says, "You really wear me out, but I love you anyway."

It's relentless at times, but she reminds me that life is meant to be lived joyfully and to the full extent. Run on, baby girl!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Friday: What a difference a year makes!

Listening to Hannah talk in FULL SENTENCES this week has gotten me thinking about how big she's gotten and how much she's changed over the past year. In April 2011, she still had almost no hair and just a few teeth and was drinking a bottle, learning to blow kisses, babbling random words, and crawling.

Easter egg hunt ~ 9 months
Fast forward a year... In April 2012, Hannah is potty training with pretty regular success, feeding herself with utensils, talking up a storm, running, coloring with crayons, singing songs (You Are My Sunshine is a current favorite), sleeping 12/hrs a night, ditching the pacifier, using a regular cup, brushing her teeth, playing dress-up, and throwing tantrums. We are almost a 2-yr-old after all!

The one thing that has remained constant throughout all of her becoming-a-big-girl changes is her sweet nature, adorable nose crinkle, and a profound ability to LOVE. She loves to sing and dance, loves to laugh, loves to read books, loves to pet Evie, loves her grandparents and aunts and uncles, and of course, loves mommy and daddy. But most of all, she loves, loves, LOVES big sister "Lushee". No one else can make her  quite so happy.

St. Patrick's Day ~ 21 months

Big girl potty!

"Sister" has the most warm personality and funny sense of humor and her smile can light up a room. This baby fills me with so much joy. I can't wait to see how she will continue to change and grow. What a blessing she is to our family!