Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Southland in the spring time

Work has been crazy banana pants lately and the weather (outside of my windowless office) has been beautiful, which means that I've been experiencing a bit of the ol' cabin fever lately. So I recently convinced the mister to gather up the troops and take a little Saturday road trip down to New Orleans to spend some quality time wandering around outside. We got a late start, but had enough time to take in an afternoon at City Park. It was perfect -- inexpensive, covered by the shade of fabulous old oak trees, and full of local characters.  :)

We started off by meeting up with some old friends and exploring the playground in Storybook Village,

Noah Rogers = CUTIE PIE

the Three Little Pigs

Hannah in Wonderland
"And the cow (and Lucy) jumped over the moon..."
then headed over to check out some of the Carousel Park amusement rides, 

Andrew & Lucy cruising down the giant "Fun Slide"
Satisfied customers

The last antique wooden carousel in Louisiana ~ gorgeous!
The princess practicing her royal wave  

Late afternoon sunlight filtering through Spanish moss
We went home tired, full, and happy, which is what New Orleans is all about right?

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Candace said...

Fun times and fun pictures! Love it.