Friday, April 8, 2011

No more monkeys jumping on the bed

Lucy has recently discovered the serious joy involved in making her sibling laugh. I was cleaning house and moving them from room to room with me on a recent Saturday when she decided it would be hilarious to make Hannah "bounce" on her bed while I changed the sheets. Turns out she was right -- the more enthusiastically Lucy jumped, the more little sister squealed with delight.

Lucy may break one of Hannah's limbs by the time she turns one, but... I should be grateful that she wants them to play together. Right?

On a side note, check out this recent survey of 2100+ families by a British parenting website: Their results show that families with two daughters are the happiest of all family types due to the following reasons ~ two sisters tend to fight less, make less noise (ha!), play well together, help out more around the house, etc. They also found that families with four daughters were the least happy. DUH. All that estrogen under one roof can lead to nothing good!

Not sure this research is all that valid (I know many very happy families that don't fit this mold), but it's certainly an interesting topic of discussion. Also interesting -- why is it that I personally know only ONE other family with just two daughters. Is this your experience as well?

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