Saturday, April 30, 2011

10 months and life to go...

Hooray for Mommy -- I've been having trouble posting videos to Blogger for a while now, but I finally figured out how to post them on YouTube and then insert the clips here! After Hannah went to bed last night, Lucy sat on my lap in front of the computer screen and we spent some quality time watching videos of her "when I was a baby." Which made me realize how very few videos of Hannah I have... which is leading me to promise our blog followers that I'll try to do much better. 

This one is of 10-month-old (!) Hannah exhibiting some of her new skills -- mainly crawling like a champ and talking up a storm. "Sister" is also now pulling up on the furniture, feeding herself Cheerios and other finger foods, learning to use a sippy cup, giving high fives and waving bye-bye, and saying "mama", "dada", and "dog". She loves to swing and to bop along to music, but her most favorite thing is to laugh at/with Lucy. This little monkey is into everything and she delights my soul with her sweet smile on a daily basis. I cannot believe my baby is so close to being 1!

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