Wednesday, November 24, 2010

School lunch

My little Butterball 

Her placemat read: "I am thankful for Hannah."  Be still my heart!

Chef Ronnell lovingly prepares the feast

Andrew and I attended our daycare's annual Thanksgiving lunch for parents yesterday and experienced our first "divide and conquer" scenario -- he ate in the Tigers classroom with Lucy and I ate in the Nursery with Hannah.  It's a wonderful opportunity for us to slow down a little bit and show our appreciation for the people who do an amazing job of caring for our little ones.  It's also nice to get a chance to visit with the other parents and swap stories from the trenches.  Mr. Ronnell is the center's on-site chef (he runs a catering business on the side) and he makes a mean fried turkey and cornbread dressing combo!  The teachers helped the kids create personalized place mats for their families and make crafts to decorate the dining rooms.

We moved Lucy to this center when she was 9 months old & it's one of the best decisions we've made -- there's yet to be a single day that I picked her up that she hasn't been smiling and content.  Yet another thing to be grateful for this holiday season ~ people who love your children and are invested in their growth.  It's the only thing that makes it possible for this working mommy to get to the office everyday.  Oh, and did I mention that Lucy's teacher, Ms. Betty, was absolutely instrumental in our potty training success?  We love her.

I got to end the lunch by rocking Hannah to sleep in the nursery glider before heading back to work.  Thanks again Southside for the thoughtful meal and for everything you do for our babies!

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Candace said...

Dude... a place like that and people who love your children like that are PRICELESS!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Powers! We love you!