Sunday, November 7, 2010

Five on Friday ~ Halloween edition

The "top 5" things I loved about this Halloween season:

1.  Getting to put my kids in matching outfits for the first time!  This struck me as something so incredibly fun and inherently girly -- I can't wait to do it again at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I used to hate it when my mom put me & my sister in matching clothes, but I totally get it now.

My favorite "lay lay" bug
2.  Picking out tiny pumpkins and posing in our church's annual pumpkin patch.  Oh, and actually making it to church only slightly late on-time for the first time since Hannah's birth.

3.  Leaving work early to participate in our daycare's Fall Fest activities.  Lucy got her face painted, did a bean bag toss, and pinned a tail on the pumpkin and received candy along the way.  Mommy got to spend a Friday afternoon outside in beautiful weather with her two best girls.  Win-win.

4.  Seeing the delight on my big girl's eyes as she ran from door to door to trick-or-treat for the first real time this year.  Lucy's still saying, "I go trick-or-treat. Get candy in pumpkin!"  Here she is with her friend Cooper (aka Buzz Lightyear), inspecting their loot.

5.  Experiencing the pure joy of watching your good friend's child become friends with your own.  There's simply nothing like it, and we're so fortunate to have the James family in our lives.

Cooper and his sweet mama Jessi

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Whetstones said...

Oh the matching outfits. I remember this all too well. :) Maybe when they get older they will make up dance routines for you!