Monday, June 21, 2010

Ode to Dada

The transformation I have witnessed in my husband during the last two years of fatherhood has been nothing short of amazing.  I've seen his face fill with abundant joy, his heart swell with love and pride, and his entire life take on deeper meaning and purpose.  He completely delights in Lucy's company and it's obvious to anyone observing them that the feeling is exceedingly mutual.  He is anxiously awaiting the new addition to our family, and I've been sharing with the squirming baby girl in utero how lucky she is to already be loved by such a wonderful Daddy.

So three cheers for the Dada who...

is always there to share in celebrating the most special days,

paints rooms a delicious shade of Baby Girl pink (and installs floors and crown molding, and puts together beds and dressers, and installs kitchen cooktops and tile backsplashes...),

sets up afternoon play sessions in the backyard baby pool,

tickles little girls until they squeal with excitement and can hardly breathe,

is victorious at the mini-golf course while recreating our very first date,

instills a healthy appreciation of a variety of musical instruments,

loves to fish and to be in the great outdoors,

lifts babies onto his shoulders and makes them feel larger than life,

participates in swim lessons even though he generally hates going to the pool,

picks up flowers for his pregnant wife while grocery shopping,

and teaches burgeoning chefs how to cook.

We are truly blessed beyond measure to call this Renaissance man our husband and father.  Happy Father's Day!!!


Lesley Lynn said...

I LOVE this post! Y'all make a great team!

Laura, Todd, Mary Todd and Miller said...

LOVE it. Y'all are all lucky to have each other!!