Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The eye of the tiger

The princess has really gotten into naming animals and the sounds that accompany them lately (especially monkeys due to a strong love for Curious George), so we headed out for a day at the Baton Rouge Zoo a few weekends ago.

We started out with a ride on the (lame) choo choo train,

And then went to catch the daily elephant show... right before the sky completey fell out.  We were getting absolutely soaked, so we ran over to the brand new "Realm of the Tiger" exhibit to take cover.

We saw the monkeys showing off and then decided to hide inside of the tiger cage.  When you climb far enough into it, a loud growling sound goes off.  It scares the mess out of kids and makes parents laugh hysterically at the result.

One of the tigers ventured right over to Lucy and his face was just a couple of inches away from hers with nothing but a glass panel separating the two.  I thought she would be scared, but instead she put her hands up on the glass, roared, and then said, "I touch it, Momma."  Her lack of fear can be just a tiny bit disconcerting at times!

We got a family pass to the zoo this year, so we're looking forward to going back once the heat, rain, and humidity finally pass through town -- which will most likely be in October.  :)

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