Friday, June 26, 2009

Curious little monkey

Thank you, Jesus. We managed to survive our first year of life without any trips to the hospital, major illnesses, scary falls, or injured body parts. We have a very happy and healthy infant on our hands and in light of some recent tragedies involving babies that our friends knew, this family is feeling so blessed for the sweet life of our little one.

Lucy had her big 12-month pediatric check-up on Monday, and all went really well (other than the hysterical screaming and crying at receiving immunizations shots, that is). However, it does seems like her weight has finally caught up with her height, and that she still has a watermelon head! The new stats are as follows:

~weight: 23.7 lbs (75th percentile)
~ length: 29 in (50th percentile)
~ head circumference: 18.5 in (90th percentile)

Some of our new tricks include ~ pulling up and climbing on everything in sight, blowing kisses, hugging and rocking baby dolls/stuffed animals, saying "mama" and "ball" and "oh" (when she 'accidentally' drops something on the floor), and pointing at pictures in board books. Lucy is definitely not into being held or rocked for any extended period time right now -- she needs to be down on the floor to go, go, go... and put inappropriate things in her mouth! Let's just say that Mommy has been getting a good workout chasing her around recently.

P.S. Would you just look at those precious fingers and toes? Seriously.


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the mama said...

I LOVE a shot with precious face, fingers and toes. what a doll. and sorry Jenno, but you can't call her an infant anymore!!!
We also have charlie brown heads around here - only a challenge during turtleneck season! luckily for you, that season doesn't come around often in BR!