Thursday, March 26, 2009

Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Nana and Aunt Michelle came down to visit us last weekend and we all had such a great time! The Owen girls did lots of fun shopping for Lucy's summer wardrobe, ate some great south Louisiana food (and got to celebrate Mom's belated birthday), went to see a movie (my first in a really long time), engaged in a fierce Phase 10 competition, and played with Lucy until we wore her little self out. They kept Lucy at home while I worked -- not only was it a real treat for me to be able to walk out of the door with nothing but a warm cup of coffee, but it was also a special time for Lucy to be showered with love from two ladies that live too far away!

Nana and Michelle were excellent chefs, babysitters, and housekeepers (THANK YOU!) while they were here & we are really missing their smiles and warmth already!

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Candace Chaney said...

Love that picture of the four of you! How fun!