Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The king and queen of Mardi Gras

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Yes, being residents of south Louisiana has some perks (great food among the biggest) and one of them is getting off of work/school for the Mardi Gras "holiday." We decided to head up to Shreveport this year during our break to catch up with many of our old friends. Our first stop was to a double birthday party to celebrate King Hank Richard and Queen Audrey Welch as they turned 1! Aunt Katie came with us (she and I got to enjoy a very entertaining stroll along the parade route while Lucy slept in the stroller) and we all got to enjoy some king cake, jambalaya, and good beer.

Later that night I met up with my friends from high school thanks to the social gathering skills of one Lisa Chesson Colquitt! She and Chloe Kilman are my two oldest friends (we date back to the 6th grade) and it was so great to see them and everyone else again. Every cliche about "old friends" is true -- it really does warm the heart and relax the soul to be with people that know your history and love you for who you are.

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