Saturday, March 28, 2009

Water baby

Lucy and I are enrolled in the Water Babies I class at the YMCA on Saturdays through May, and we are having a great time! She is precious is her cherry ruffled swimsuit and she seems to like most of the activities (especially "jumping in" from the side of the pool); the only thing we're not really digging on too much is having to put our whole face in the water. I lived for the swimming pool in the summer while growing up and even swam laps when I was pregnant with Lucy, so I'm hoping she'll pick up my love of the water. 2026 Olympics here we come!


Lesley Lynn said...


What good blog updates! I love it that y'all had a fun Owen girls weekend! And, I love it that y'all are in water babies. So many of my memories with you are around a swimming pool or at the beach - you're in for some FUN Times!

Whetstones said...

SO CUTE!! Love that little swimsuit.