Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The godfather

Our friends Laurie and Jeff (Lucy's godfather) came down to Baton Rouge for a visit last weekend with their cutie 5-mo-old John Michael. It's amazing to see the developmental difference in babies that are just a few months apart -- John Michael's already a pro at "standing" up on people's laps, reaching up for things while on his belly (including Evie's fur!), and speaking small syllables that begin with consonants. He also loved looking at Lucy and trying to grab her face while they played on the baby gym mat, and well... she barely noticed his existence. Just like a woman! :)

Andrew and I kept JM while his mommy and daddy went on a date to the LSU game. Both of the babies were good, but the experience definitely made us grateful that we didn't have twins. Whew! We went shopping on Sunday and Laurie & I got the babies matching outfits for Thanksgiving -- can't wait to take a picture of them together over the holidays. In the meantime, here's a picture of Jeff with the kids. Thanks to the Salvails for a fun family weekend!

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