Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things that delighted me this weekend

Pop Pop watching Sesame Street with his two best girls

Andrew's first attempt at Mickey Mouse pancakes

A swaddled baby Hannah napping in my bed

Andrew and his dad taking Lucy on a boat ride so I could rest and catch up on e-mail and paying bills

 A beautiful bouquet of summer roses picked out by my husband and delivered by a beaming toddler 

 Pop Pop supervising Lucy's afternoon play session while we cooked a delicious steak dinner

Hannah's still eating almost every 3 hours on the dot (including at night), which means I'm pretty much in a constant state of exhaustion.  Combine this with the release of some serious post-pregnancy hormones and the picture is not always pretty in our house right now.  So... I'm trying to revert back to the idea of the gratitude journal I kept in college and make it a point to recognize all the small things that I'm thankful for, no matter how mundane.  Today, I'm grateful that I finally got to talk to my mom on the phone and that the laundry got put away.  It's the little things...

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