Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter people, raise your voices

Our Easter weekend started out with an egg hunt at Lucy's daycare center.  We didn't do Easter baskets last year and hadn't really talked about the concept of eggs last year, much less dyed or stuffed them, but baby girl acted like a pro when it was time to start hunting and gathering!  She's a fast learner, that one -- as soon as she figured out that there was candy in the eggs, she spent the next few days begging asking for "some". 

The biggest hit by far was an egg filled with a mini-wand and bubbles. Our most favorite phrase these days is, "I blow bubbles!" The child wakes up in the morning wanting to go outside to blow bubbles and is still talking about them before she goes to bed at night. :)

Boogie and Pop Pop came in town for the weekend to help us turn what is now the guest room/study ready into a pink bedroom for the girls to share.  Handy Andy once again worked his magic by undertaking the following tasks: scraping the popcorn ceiling and then patching and painting it, ripping out old carpet and installing a new floor, painting walls, and installing crown molding.  It's becoming a room fit for a princess (or two!).  Meanwhile, us girls enjoyed a much-needed pedicure and some shopping time!

On Sunday morning we did Easter baskets and headed to church.  This was about the only picture we could get of Lucy looking at the camera in her Sunday best (I came down with a wicked stomach bug that would last for 5 days, thus my ghostly appearance here).  Our church has an amazing choir, and they always pull out all the stops on holidays.  A truly magnificent rendition of the "Hallelujah" chorus and sharing communion with other believers in celebration of the new life we've been granted can cure almost any illness.

In between snuggle time with Lucy, Boogie cleaned and did laundry and helped us get organized.  We got down Lucy's old clothes from the attic and starting sorting them for baby Hannah.  There was much disbelief over the fact that Lucy was ever small enough to wear any of it and it helped us anticipate our new arrival! 

We are so incredibly grateful for all the love and support we continue to receive as we prepare our house to become a home for a family of four.  Even though we're already out of space, I'm starting to think that we'll finally get our house completely remodeled if we just keep on having babies!  :)

Pictures of Lucy's big girl bed and the new pink palace to come...


Candace said...

Hannah! I knew I had forgotten. But how could I? Lucy and Hannah. Love it.

Laura, Todd, Mary Todd and Miller said...

JennO, I think I've always known you would have a baby girl named Hannah. It's perfect. Please give Andrew a high-five for the master handy-man-ing action!! What a precious family that baby girl has waiting for her!!

Laura, Todd, Mary Todd and Miller said...

Oh- and look at that smile on that little girl with her grandma!!