Saturday, February 27, 2010

This is what 22 weeks looks like...

...the second time around. :)

I had my 22/23 weeks check-up on Wednesday, and everything looks great! Baby's heartbeat is perfect, she's kicking around like crazy, and I finally gained some weight. I got a lecture at my last appointment because I had only gained 2 pounds in my entire pregnancy up until that point (even though my belly was already pretty big). Apparently all that king cake did the trick!

And yes, I said SHE! I think we've already told most everyone, but my 20-wk ultrasound revealed that baby Powers #2 is another girl! Andrew says we're going to try for #3 now, but I think he is failing to take the following information into consideration:

  1. We've yet to win the Louisiana lottery,
  2. Baby #3 could also very likely be a girl (there being a 50/50 chance and all), and
  3. He is a really great Daddy to little girls.
We would have been super excited either way, but at least now we don't have to buy any clothes, bibs, blankets, etc. in any blue shades. I think we've decided on Hannah for baby's first name, but we're still working on a middle name. Please keep this little one in your prayers as she continues to grow. We can't wait to meet her in just four months! Crazy.

Caption: Apparently baby girl already shares her father's proclivity for mooning people.

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