Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big fun at The Little Gym

I'm just getting around to posting these pictures from Lucy's first "school" birthday party from a few weekends ago. It was a gymnastics free-for-all for 2-yr. old Haydon at The Little Gym, and Lucy had an absolute ball! I think she was one of the youngest kids there, but she went all out for each activity. Her lack of fear is a little bit scary to me sometimes, but... I guess it's better than the alternative? Such a great toddler energy-expending activity on a cold Sunday afternoon. We might look into taking a couple of Mommy & me classes there soon.

Chasing bubbles with the birthday boy

Enjoying birthday cake, ice cream, and juice with the big kids

Hugging her sweet friend from daycare, Jack Henry (it was too cute -- they would grasp each other and say, "Awwww!", tackle each other to the ground laughing, and then get up and do the whole thing over again)

Like I was saying... no fear. But just look at that satisfied smile on her face at the end. "Susy" (as she calls herself now) thinks she is some pretty big stuff!

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