Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thanksgiving road trip, parts I & II

We embarked on our Thanksgiving road trip to north Louisiana and Texas for the holiday -- packed up the baby and the dog and all of our gear and got ready for lots of "hugging necks" and great food. Our first pit stop was Boogie & Pop Pop's house in Shreveport where Charlie cooked up a delicious batch of his infamous chicken sauce piquant.

Lucy talked Boogie into getting her a snack before dinner. Actually, Lucy opened the pantry door, grabbed the box of Cheerios, sat down on the floor and stuck her hand in there. By the time we caught the little thief, her cheeks were so full of cereal that she looked like a chipmunk.

Lucy entertained Pop with her antics after supper. She's his only great-grandchild and he just delights in her every word and action. That's three generations of trouble right there. The next morning we were off to Tyler, TX to see my grandfather...

Lucy got to play on the porch swing with my cousin Heather's baby boy, Branson. They're only about a month apart so it was really fun to see them interact. We had a few minor tussles over the Elmo (aka "Elbow!") guitar, but they got along great other than that.

Pappaw on the swing and front porch he built by hand

We had Texas Roadhouse BBQ for lunch which turned out to be a really nice departure from all the traditional Thanksgiving fare. I'm so glad we had this special quiet time to share with Pappaw -- my grandmother passed away this summer and he is still having a really tough go of things. They were married for 57 years and I can't imagine the loneliness that would follow losing your life long partner. We are so proud of him for learning to cook and do all the other things he used to depend on Mammaw for. His faith is slowly and surely seeing him through the darkness, but I know the holidays will be really difficult.

On the way to Dallas for the next leg of the trip -- we have no Dairy Queen in Baton Rouge (yes, it is a huge travesty), so it's our traveling ritual to stop for a Blizzard when we're driving through the Lone Star State. Stay tuned for the rest of the journey...

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