Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you

Baby Powers ultrasound #1 ~ December 15

Since I found out I was pregnant in mid-October, I have most definitely experienced the full gamut of early pregnancy symptoms -- extreme fatigue, nauseau, headaches, heartburn, and other gastrointestional unpleasantness (which shall not be described further here)...  We saw the bright pink plus sign on the pregnancy test, but there is absolutely nothing in this world that makes the reality of a new life being formed inside your body a reality like seeing the baby during the first ultrasound.  Absolutely, positively breathtaking.  Hearing that strong heartbeat and seeing the formation of those precious limbs is so amazingly reassuring when you can't know what's going on inside your womb.

Apparently Baby Powers is happy and right at home in there -- she was kicking and floating around with a beautiful ease.  At one point the baby was face down and brought a hand up close to its face which disturbed its equilibrium and quickly brought her right side up again.  We both smiled and laughed at getting to see this little one performing gymnastics in all his comic glory.  :)   

When we saw Lucy's first ultrasound, she was only around 8 weeks old and she was tiny.  You could hardly make out any features at all and she looked more like than a peanut than a human being. The ultrasound for this baby happened between 12-13 weeks, and the amount of development that occurs within just this short time span is remarkable.  We could see the heart and a nose and lips and arms and legs. And by now it has fingernails and fingerprints and kidneys...  Did I mention how amazing the miracle of life is?

As we were leaving the appointment, I turned to Andrew and asked him what this baby's nickname was going to be (Lucy's was "Peanut").  His immediate response: "Peanut II."  Duh. Of course.


Candace Chaney said...

So could we tell if it was a girl or boy baby Powers????

Whetstones said...

I am so happy for you guys. I cannot wait to meet baby Powers. PS Peanut 2? Hmmm not sure about that one.