Saturday, October 10, 2009

Party City

Morgan City, that is. We headed south last weekend to meet up with the James' to celebrate our friend Cooper's 1st birthday. Lucy had a great time trying to figure out the inflatable Mike the Tiger, punching the balloons, and being bounced on the mini-trampoline (a huge hit).

The Eues family even had a fabulous outdoor picnic/tailgate up outside so the kids could play, the "big kids" could watch the LSU game, and everyone could enjoy some brisket and fried turkey! We had Cooper's alligator-shaped cake during halftime -- he loved it and Lucy was happy to help him out with it. She kept exclaiming "Mmmm!" really loudly after every ice-cream soaked bite. :) We're so glad we got to share in our friend's special day.

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