Friday, October 2, 2009

Mommy dearest

I took Lucy with me to the grocery store early last Sunday morning, and I made a classic new mommy mistake -- we strolled over to the toy department to find a gift for an upcoming birthday party. And... I think you can pretty much guess the rest. I let her "hold" a baby doll while I shopped so she would stop fussing to touch everything Elmo (she's liking Sesame Street a lot, but especially "Elmo's World"), and said baby ended up coming home with us. Surprise!!! I just couldn't help it -- she spent the remainder of our shopping trip feeding the baby, patting and hugging her when she cried, and "talking" to her. It was waaaaaaaaay too cute.

This behavior continued all day on Sunday -- the only time Lucy was away from the baby was when we went swimming at the Y (and she probably would have been more than happy for baby to take a dip with us!). Watching our little momma in action is quite the sweet sight to behold. Trust me when I say that Lucy has plenty of "gender neutral" toys to play with (ride-on scooter, Andrew's old wooden cars, blocks, puzzles, balls, etc.), but I've yet to see anything captivate her attention like this little baby doll does.

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Laura, Todd, Mary Todd and Miller said...

Love it! MT's love of babies wanes, but comes back stronger with each new wave. Hope Lucy has lots of fun with her baby!! Did you save any of yours to pass down?