Friday, September 11, 2009

Flashback Friday

Mom with me and Michelle, c. 1981

I cannot believe I've posting this, but I just can't stop looking at this funny picture. Michelle hung out at my uncle's house in Ft. Worth recently and he scanned all sorts of old Toro family photographs for her onto a CD, which she promptly shared with me. Several things to note in this photo:

1. Look how young my mother looks!
2. I had straight hair! And bangs!
3. Who the hell thought this couch was a good idea!?!
4. Doesn't Lucy look so much like Michelle in this picture?

Not that I have time AT ALL to be sifting through old pictures, but I love the idea of sharing them online since we now have the technical advances to do so. Stayed tuned for future installments...


Laura, Todd, Mary Todd and Miller said...

Lucy looks so much like Michelle!! Wow. Don't you love the trips down memory lane? :)

the mama said...

love it! and I usually think Lucy looks totally like Andrew, but in that pic, she does favor your sis! Aren't genetics funny?

Whetstones said...

I can't believe you posted this! I was definitely more round than Lucy, though! And, yes, I agree about the couch...but it was probably all the rage circa 1980!

The Walls said...

Your mom looks exactly the same! And wow I kept thinking that Lucy looked so much like Andrew ... was I ever wrong ... she looks like you and Michelle. I love this pic .. thanks for sharing