Friday, September 18, 2009

Feliz cumpleanos a Andrew

We got to celebrate Andrew's birthday at Superior while Andrew's family was in town last weekend (and catch the LSU game on TV at the same time!).

This may be the only picture of the two of us together (sans baby) in 2009.

What happens when the foreign guy at Marble Slab tries his hand at cake decorating? "HAPP BIRTH dAy ANdREW"! On the other hand, ice cream birthday cake? YUM! Several party goers (who shall remain anonymous) went back for seconds... and thirds.

We like to recycle in the Powers household. Good thinking, Aunt Katie!

The birthday boy finally got that boat he's been asking for. :)

Many thanks to the super generous Amy for not only offering to babysit so that we could go out for a real adult sushi dinner to properly celebrate on Andrew's birthday, but also for always bringing Lucy the most thoughtful surprises. You're a wonderful friend and we truly appreciate you!

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Laura, Todd, Mary Todd and Miller said...

OK, the cake cracks me up!! Too much.

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Glad you got to celebrate in style!!