Monday, May 11, 2009

War eagle!

We packed up after work last weekend and headed to Alabama to celebrate my father-in-law receiving a graduate degree from Auburn University. For the last few years Charlie has been pursuing an executive MBA in the heatlth care administration field while continuing to work full time, and much to the delight of his friends and family (especially Linda), he is finally finished! I visited Auburn several times in my undergraduate years to see my good friends Candace and Lisa who went to school there, but I had forgotten how charming the town and its people are.

Our visit was pretty short, but it was a nice one -- full of good food, pride for our PopPop, and lots of snuggle time for Lucy and those who love her so well. The commencement speaker was none other than Auburn alumni Bo Jackson, he of the 1990s football, baseball, and track & field fame. And while no one would dispute that "Bo knows" sports, he could use a little help in the speech writing department. :) We stayed at the campus hotel and were treated to a wave goodbye from Bo in his massive puck-up truck as we loaded up for the car ride home.

We are so proud of PopPop and his accomplishment -- what a wonderful reminder that we are never too old to broaden our horizons or to continue to grow and learn. Congratulations!!!

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