Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fest For All

Baton Rouge Music Studios (the place where Andrew teaches private guitar lessons after school) had a booth and stage set up at this year's FestForAll arts & music festival, so Lucy and I packed up and went downtown to check it out after her afternoon nap.

The Studio's stage was set up on the beautiful lawn in front of the Old State Capitol and featured students that play different instruments coming together to perform in 7 Young Bands, a la "School of Rock". It was located beneath some gorgeous old oaks in the Children's Village of the festival and the Beatles tunes they covered were a big hit with the crowd.

Lucy and I enjoyed a picnic lunch of bananas and oatmeal in the shade...

and then she helped Daddy man the Studio tent where kids could come play (i.e., "bang") on keyboards, guitars, drums, etc.

We had a wonderful time even though the temperature was pushing 90 degrees, and finished up our afternoon by shooting some pictures of Lucy in the gardens of the state capitol (to follow) and dinner at Superior Grill. What a great way to spend a Saturday!

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