Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We get that all the time

We headed to Louie's Cafe last night to have breakfast for dinner (yum!) with a fun colleague of mine from the LA Dept of Ed's assessment vendor in Minnesota. Bob may be a Yankee, but he possesses a great fondness for all things Southern, and I thought he would enjoy the dive-like ambiance of our favorite 24/7 diner that serves the best Cajun hash browns and seafood omelet in the great state of Louisiana. But, I digress...

We're getting Lucy out of the car and she pukes a little bit. It was nothing more unusual than your ordinary spit up, so into the restaurant we proceed. Lucy is acting fine -- doing her usual flirting with the wait staff/being all cute bit and about 30 min. into our meal, she throws up. We clean it up and keep eating, and then she throws up again. Interesting things to note about this experience are the following: (1) Andrew managed to catch most of it in her bib before it went all over Bob even though it was spewing forth like angry lava out of a volcano; (2) baby throw-up smells exactly like the adult version -- I guess was expecting something different?; and (3) apparently someone at daycare decided it was appropriate to feed jambalaya pasta to my 10-mo-old for lunch yesterday.

So... we all spring into action trying to clean the fowl-smelling train wreck up and when the waitress comes over to help, I begin apologizing profusely (seriously, it was SO nasty). She just shrugs her shoulders and proclaims nonchalantly, "Hey, at least she didn't throw up from being drunk. We get that all the time", and then walks off. Bob got a pretty good kick out of that one. He got an even bigger kick out of the "y'all come back" from the short order cooks on our way out. As for us, I got puked on two more times when we got home, and then got peed on when trying to change Lucy/ take her temperature. Ah, the joys of motherhood! :)

P.S. The picture is from Louie's on a happier dining occasion a few weeks ago. "Baby" decided to come along for that meal.

Update -- Turns out that we probably have a stomach virus, but I still went into protective mama bear mode re: inappropriate food choices for infants. We are chugging Pedialyte and napping a lot to recover.


Candace Chaney said...

Man... Baby puke is gross. I had to clean up some puke not too long ago and it was one of those moments when I just had to step back and take inventory on the moment. How did I get stuck with this task!!!??? Oh, yeah, that comes with the whole baby package.

Sorry ya'll got the yucks. That's no fun.

Mama Mia said...

Sorry little Lucy is sick! Why do daycares take food choices into their own hands when we the mothers so clearly send appropriates foods for our littles?? I never understood that! With Cooper, the child had no teeth and they were feeding him whole cookies! I freaked! And yes, the cleaning up baby puke at a restaurant thing is so disturbing...I always wish we were at home when that happens! Sorry you guys were caught out with a friend when it occured and hope she is better in no time! Lately our puking has occured in the car seat...also a disturbing cleanup phenomenon. Motherhood really is full of "little joys" huh??? jennifer (rodman) defatta

Anonymous said...

Did anybody notice that Lucy is flipping evertone off?