Thursday, April 2, 2009

Voodoo gumbo

The sights and sounds from the 5th Annual Zapp's International Beer Festival at LSU's Rural Life Museum. We got a chance to tour some old sugar cane processing facilities Our favorite beer? A tie between Dixie Brewing Company's "Jazz Amber Light" lager and Saint Arnold's "Fancy Lawnmower Beer" (best enjoyed after engaging in strenuous summer activities like... mowing the lawn, of course!). Our favorite chips? "Cajun Crawtators" are the classic standby, but I have to give a nod to their new sweet potato variety and Katie liked the "Voodoo Gumbo" that taste like you dropped the entire contents of a spice cabinet in the kettle.

The gang has already decided that we will definitely be making an appearance at next year's festivities. Put on your dancing shoes and join us at the fais do do, cher!

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Candace Chaney said...

Wow. That looks way fun.