Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Silent night

Lucy has been very, very sad the last few days -- woke up screaming and crying on Sunday night with a fever and a nasty cough and we've had much of the same pretty much every day since then. She's miserable and looks at you with these watery eyes that scream "Help!" every time she coughs and it's so pathetic that it just tears your heart to shreds. Mommy and Daddy are also completely exhausted from being woken up every few hours from a new coughing attack. Sigh... rough week. Very rough week.

She woke up at some crazy hour the other night and absolutely nothing would calm her down -- rocking in the chair, shushing, walking the floors were all frantically and enthusiastically dismissed for over an hour. I was overcome with desperation trying to find something to induce sleep so her little sick body could get some much needed rest. And because I was so tired and could think of nothing else, I started singing "Silent Night". Didn't know why God put this song on my heart until I got to the chorus: "Sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace." And wouldn't you know it, she was asleep by the time I finished the song. :)

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Candace Chaney said...

Wow. I love it when God does that kind of stuff. Amazing!!!
Hope little Lucy feels better soon!
Been there, done that... and it's NO FUN. :(