Friday, November 21, 2008

Gobble, gobble

I got to have Thanksgiving lunch with Lucy at her daycare center today. Made me feel like such a grown-up to be attending my first "school" function as somebody's parent! :) I got there in time to observe her laughing and squealing her head off to the sounds of the "music lady" who comes once a week with her guitar to sing with the babies. Lucy already loves music (especially silly singing) and I attribute this to her listening to her Mommy sing in the shower and her Daddy play all sorts of instruments while she was in utero!

Lucy sat with me while I had some old school Southern Baptist home cooking and then I got to feed her and rock her to sleep before I went back to work. Made my afternoon at the office much more bearable! And I got to go home with a treat -- Lucy's first artwork (see above), a placemat covered with fall stamps that her teachers helped her make. Think we may just have to laminate it for future holiday meals. Great day!