Monday, October 29, 2007

Good fences make good neighbors

Much thanks to my father-in-law Charlie for bringing his truck down to Baton Rouge this weekend to help us move an existing fence and to close off the carport by building a new one. Hopefully Evie will appreciate her new home in the big backyard, and we will certainly enjoy not having to get out of the car to open & close the gate on the driveway every day. I can't say I was much help in the fence-constructing process, but I did manage to snag some pictures of Andrew and his dad engaging in some pole digging action. Charlie is always ready to drive a distance to help us anytime we need him (he joked that the cat was in hiding during his visit because if she hears his voice it must mean he's come to help us move again!), and for this we are so sincerely appreciative.

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