Monday, November 5, 2007

Cardiac Cats

This is the new nickname given to the LSU Tigers (aka the "Bayou Bengals") by my friends Noelle & Nik who came over to watch the much anticipated LSU/Alabama game on Saturday -- or as it was better known, the "Les Miles vs. Nick Saban showdown." Andrew cooked us all up a pot of amazing seafood gumbo to help ease our anticipation. As is their usual mode of operation this season, our beloved Tigers took their sweet ass time pulling out a victory in the very last minutes of the fourth quarter (final score: 41-34). Watching Tiger football can indeed give you a coronary, which is why everyone at the party was loving the name "Cardiac Cats". The Tigers' away game victory earned them bragging rights over former coach Saban and put them back into the #2 slot in the BCS & AP polls. Here's hoping the Tigers can take it all the way!!!

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