Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aunt Michelle's visit

My sister and I talk on the phone several times a week -- sometimes it's just for a few minutes, sometimes it's for an hour, but it's absolutely no replacement for getting to see each other in person. Aunt Michelle came to see us over the extended MLK Jr. weekend and we had such a great time! She was absolutely instrumental in helping us finally get all the Christmas decorations put away and was a fantastic babysitter, which allowed me & Andrew to have our first date night in a long time. 

We did some mall shopping thanks to our holiday gift cards, went to a movie ("It's Complicated" -- hilarious), inhaled ate some delicious beignets and played with Lucy in the park, and took a day trip to the always stunning Oak Alley plantation (partly to get Lucy to take a nap in the car, but mostly to get out of the house on a pretty day). We crammed a lot of fun and laughter into three days and we can't wait for "Chelle" to come back again soon!


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Whetstones said...

Thanks! I always love seeing you guys especially my beautiful niece! xoxo!!