Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who's bad?

Other than saying "no!", throwing sippy cups onto the floor, fighting with me to stand up in the bathtub, and constantly taking the bows/barrettes out of her crazy hair (see evidence above), Lucy's absolute favorite new thing to do is to slowly and methodically extract every single last tissue from the Kleenex box. I've tried to place them strategically out of reach, but I swear she can sniff them out somehow! And when you come in and bust her in the act, she'll laugh and spread them all around like she's cleaning the floor.

(Speaking of floors... doesn't our bedroom floor look nice? This was another of Handy Andy's summer projects. Now we just have to find a rug to go with the new wall color and curtains so we can set the bed frame/headboard back up. It never ends...).

1 comment:

the mama said...

oh, my kids were (are!) fond of a box of kleenex.....but the all-time annoying favorite is my RECIPE BOX!!! Augh!
as for the hair - have you tried TINY rubber bands?? while maggie would never leave in a bow, she left the rubber bands alone!
welcome to toddlers...they are precious and infuriating at the same time! thank goodness they are so cute you want to eat them!